efore our work begins, each client signs a work agreement

or letter of agreement, and pays a customary retainer fee, common practices in the field. The agreement is a good business practice for everyone.

The retainer, usually half the amount authorized for our work, is applied to the total cost of the work.

The work agreement, tailored to the specific project, spells out what work we will do and when as well as client responsibilities.


We cannot provide a list of our prices because we handle many types of projects with different requirements and fee schedules. Our custom services can be designed to fit just about any budget.

Legacy Scribe charges an hourly rate, flat rate or a negotiated fee, depending on the type of project and its specifics.

Our hourly rate is generally $50, typical for professionals with our credentials, plus normal out-of-pocket expenses. These include costs for travel, photocopies, postage and some phone calls.